Each lap filled the cash. Children ran on June 1 for a donation to the children´s hospice in Tambach-Dietharz.

On 1 June 2015, the International Children´s Day, pupils of a local elementary and regular school and children of a kindergarden ran for a good cause: Each lap they ran around the sports field in Waldau, a village near Merbelsrod, filled their cash with by the donator defined amounts. The money was given by local companies, institutions and private persons. The total cash of 12.100 EUR (1.662.673,43 JPY) as result of this event was donated to the children´s hospice in Tambach-Dietharz. This charitable association provides support for families with hopelessly ill children.

Michael Harnisch, Human Resources Manager of NIDEC GPM, (right side in the picture) handed over a symbolic cheque from the company.  Henry Dreßel, Chief of Works Council, delivered a significant amount which was collected by NIDEC GPM´s staff. 

This event attained considerable public attention and demonstrated in an exemplary manner, how charity can be.

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